Precious Moments Deserve Precious Metals

I love great advertising. I especially love great advertising that clears up confusion in the marketplace. Below is definitely an example of great advertising. (courtesy of John C. Nordt Company)

As the price of gold and other precious metals have risen these past few years, some jewelers have moved to creating pieces in non-precious metals … and presenting them in a way that can lead consumers to conclude that they are equal to precious metals. We certainly talk to our share of confused customers who have concluded from this type of advertising that stainless steel, or tungsten, or whatever, are precious metals. They are not.

The jewelry precious metals are platinum, gold, palladium, and sterling silver.  At Sorella Jewelry, we only work in precious metals – because we agree with John C. Nordt Company – Precious Moments Deserve Precious Metals.


Precious Metals