Rose Gold Sizzles

Rose gold is hot! It’s sizzling! While this colored gold has been around a very long time, it’s never been so trendy. It’s turning up on the runway, the red carpet and in fine jewelry stores. And we couldn’t be happier, because we love creating pieces in rose gold. It’s just so darn pretty

So, what’s so special¬† about rose gold?

  • It’s unique and different. While white and yellow metals are abundant, rose is seen much less and adds a real uniqueness to your look.
  • It combines with white and yellow gold for a wonderful tri-color look. A great fit for today’s “mix-and-match” fashion trends.
  • It’s so wonderfully feminine.

Wondering how gold, which is naturally a yellow metal, becomes rose? In a similar fashion to how it becomes white.

Gold in its pure state, which is 24 karat, is a yellow metal. But 24k gold is too soft to create jewelry from. So, additional metal alloys are added to the metal to create a stronger material.

To create white gold, white alloys such as palladium or ruthium are added. To create rose gold, copper is the metal alloy added to the gold. Rose gold is available in a variety of karats with 14k the most popular.

Almost all Sorella jewelry is available in rose gold. Aren’t you ready for a little rose?