Marriage Monograms

When the newly married couple walks back down the aisle arm and arm, they have just joined their lives together. What an awesome commitment! Over 85% of American women also make another major change in their lives after their wedding day – they change their last names, and sometimes their middle names, too!

A few years back, I was one of these women myself. I practiced my new signature over and over before the big day arrived (confession: really, this started just after he proposed). Then we bought our first home, and I had to sign and sign and initial and initial all over those endless mortgage papers. I grew to love my new initials.

Appropriately so, monograms have become a wonderful theme within the wedding niche. The monogram can serve as a visual representation of the couple’s union – the “marriage monogram,” a three letter monogram with the wife’s first name initial on the left, the husband’s on the right, and their new joint last name initial in the middle. (i.e. Emma and Scott Miller = EMS). And also, the bride’s new personal monogram becomes a visual expression of the her new life as a married woman.

Classic, contemporary, flowery, or stately, monograms in design span the gamut – monogrammed bathrobes and towels, cloth napkins and wine glasses, wall art and door mats, pillows and bedding.

And jewelry! The ancient Egyptians wore signet rings with their own version of monogramming reverse imprinted in the metal (these rings were more than just a pretty adornment, they actually served as the individual’s signature on important documents). Today, we continue to see monogrammed rings, and more recently monogrammed pendants, rings, and cufflinks have taken center stage. What a great way to gift the new bride and groom.

Your imagination is the only limit for how you can use monograms in design. What do you think? Where have you planted your initials?