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Lynn and I are both fans of, the online marketplace for handmade products. We’ve been blown away with the quality, creativity and variety of products offered for sale by so many independent artisans.

We’ve done quite a bit of shopping on Etsy, so it was a pretty logical jump for us to decide that we should bring our Sorella jewelry to our own Etsy shop. So that’s exactly what we did. We’re still working on filling out the store, but you’ll already find many of our products available with more to come.

So, if you’re an Etsy fan, please stop by our shop and visit us. You’ll find the same great quality and customer service that we deliver on our web shop,



Precious Moments Deserve Precious Metals

I love great advertising. I especially love great advertising that clears up confusion in the marketplace. Below is definitely an example of great advertising. (courtesy of John C. Nordt Company)

As the price of gold and other precious metals have risen these past few years, some jewelers have moved to creating pieces in non-precious metals … and presenting them in a way that can lead consumers to conclude that they are equal to precious metals. We certainly talk to our share of confused customers who have concluded from this type of advertising that stainless steel, or tungsten, or whatever, are precious metals. They are not.

The jewelry precious metals are platinum, gold, palladium, and sterling silver.  At Sorella Jewelry, we only work in precious metals – because we agree with John C. Nordt Company – Precious Moments Deserve Precious Metals.


Precious Metals

Have You Discovered Pinterest Yet?

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, you need to … today!

What is Pinterest? Well, words really don’t seem to capture how clever and engaging this image-driven platform really is, but let me give it a try. Basically, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site which enables users to “pin” images of anything that interests them on a variety of “boards” that categorize the pins.

Doesn’t sound special, you say? Well, to really “get” the power and attraction of what has become THE hottest site in the social media world, you have to try it out.

Pinterest is a fabulous way to discover new designs, trends and products rather than relying on searches on Google, which seem to present you with nothing but the same old, same old – big box stores, well known brands, and generic “stuff.”

There’s a reason why sites like Etsy and the fast growing list of curated shopping sites such as Ones Kings Lane or Haute Look  are so popular now. They bring you fresh ideas, designs, products, and trends that the generic results on Google will never bring you.

Pinterest takes this to a whole new level. Pinterest is populated with all the great finds that members around the world have discovered and loved … and pinned. Each pin can lead you to additional related pins. You can follow a user, or just one of their pins or boards. You can create an account and create your own boards. Install the “Pin” button on your browser bookmark bar and you can pin any web page or image you find on the web … or upload images directly.

As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of Pinterest. We’re experimenting with sharing our work on Pinterest in a new way and also sharing other things we love and are inspired by. You’ll see a “Pin it” button at the top of each of our blog posts and a “Follow me on Pinterest” button in our sidebar or below.

Follow Me on Pinterest

So, what are you waiting for? Start Pinning!

You can find our Pinterest account here:  Sorella Jewelry Studio on Pinterest

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