Get Creative AND Save This Mother’s Day

Please …  no more candy, flowers, chocolates or other uninspired gifts this Mother’s Day. Haven’t your moms, grandmoms, and wives earned a bit more creativity from you?

Consider a piece of fine custom jewelry that is personalized just for them.

And consider a really nice discount to go along with that creative gift selection. Use the coupon code “mday12” at checkout and receive a 10% discount off your entire order. Order by April 24th and we guarantee free delivery by Mother’s Day.

Now, what piece to get her/them… hmmmm.  Here’s some “creative” ideas.

This simple, yet so elegant, stacking name ring with (or without) birthstone is one of our most popular pieces. Such a nice contrast to those “oh-so-fussy” name/birthstone rings.

Stacking Birthstone Name Rings

Another big favorite is our Family Spiral Birthstone pendant – for grandmoms, or moms with big families! It will hold up to 10 birthstones and can also be created as a brooch.  This piece proves that birthstone jewelry doesn’t have to be … um … er… well, let’s just say it … tacky.

Family Birthstone Pendant
Creative Mother’s Day gifts aren’t limited to just mother’s jewelry. Other pieces of personalized jewelry can be a wonderfully thoughtful gift. Our Flowing Monogram Pendant has been a very popular gift, as many lucky recipients have told us!

Flowing Monogram Pendant

A Chinese Symbol pendant is a wonderful combination of exotic and personal. Choose the character for home, family, mom, always or your own choice.

Round Chinese Symbol Pendant

We hope we’ve jump-started your creative juices for selecting a truly personal gift for the “moms” in your life.

Two New Family Birthstone Pendants

Our Family Birthstone pendants have been so popular that we’re excited to introduce two new original designs – our Family Love Knot Birthstone Pendant and our Family Petal Birthstone Pendant.

Both of these pendants will hold a sizable selection of birthstones for a large or extended family. These are perfect pieces for very proud grandmothers.

The Petal pendant holds up to 14 stones … the most stones of any of our Family Birthstone pendants. The Love Knot pendant holds 9 stones. You design your own arrangement with both of these pendants by choosing which gem positions to use and which gems are placed in each position.

The Love Knot Pendant features a “hidden” bail (the hook the chain hangs on) with the chain threading through a bail mounted on the back on the pendant. A 1mm snake chain is recommended for this pendant. And for a nice twist, the Love Knot is also available as a brooch. The Love Knot is a solid and substantial piece.

The Petal pendant features a creative “tied” chain attachment for a very current look. The Petal is elegant and refined with an organic feel.


More Offbeat Love. This time From Mamas.

The quirky folks at Offbeat Bride also have a site focused on the next life stage after the wedding, Offbeat Mama. Weddings and Mothers …. hmmm… could there be a more perfect fit for Sorella’s personalized jewelry? And not just any weddings and mothers … but unique, individual, quirky, offbeat weddings and mothers. Any wonder that we love the Offbeat folks?

Lucky for us, they love us too! They’ve posted a lovely little review of our original mothers jewelry collection. Check it out! Sorella’s Offbeat Mama Review

Offbeat Mama is a wonderful escape from all those generic, bland, cookie-cutter and totally clueless mother blogs out there. This site is about real mothers and their real experiences and celebrates the wide variety of styles, beliefs, and experiences. Viva la difference!

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