“Will You Marry Me” Season

The holidays are special for so many reasons, but for many, many, many couples, it is “Will You Marry Me” season. As May, June, and July are to weddings, December is to wedding proposals. Gobs of them. You have to admit, an engagement ring is hard to beat as a holiday gift.

For all those soon-to-be engaged couples, CONGRATULATIONS! Below is a list of our fave wedding websites that we’re sure you’ll be spending way too much time on over the next year – fave because we think they’re cool, and fave because they’ve include a listing for Sorella!

‘Tis The Wedding Season

While weddings happen throughout the year, April through July is the most popular time for weddings …. “the wedding season.”

As custom jewelers and romantics at heart, we love wedding season. Each engagement ring, wedding band, and bridesmaid and groomsman gift is a celebration of a new beginning, with it’s own unique story. How can you not love that?

We have quite a few wedding rings in production right now, but one set that is extra special is a set of Roman Numeral rings for a military couple. Ally ordered a white gold diamond-rimmed “pierced” band for herself and a yellow gold “pierced” band for her husband-to-be. Each ring will carry their wedding date and be a reminder of their commitment wherever their journey takes them.

Diamond-Rimmed Roman Numeral Ring
Pierced Roman Numeral Ring

Some Offbeat Love For Sorella’s Wedding Rings

Ohhhh …. our friends at OffbeatBride.com just posted a lovely little review of  …. US!  Oh, we are tres honored. Check it out! Sorella’s Offbeat Bride Review

We love OffbeatBride for it’s very unique and quirky take on the wide, wild, world of weddings. There are plenty of websites covering the standard fairy tale wedding style. Offbeat has staked out their own terrain. They celebrate the … well… the offbeat wedding style. It’s so much fun to visit their site each day to see what wonderfully unique and quirky new wedding they’re reporting on.

We just love reading about how these brides and grooms create weddings that celebrate their own unique spirits instead of fulfilling someone else’s vision of what their wedding should be.

And we love creating very personal, very unique, and very custom wedding rings for offbeat couples like these.

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