Jewelry That Inspires

One of the most popular categories in personalized jewelry is inspirational jewelry, also known as message or word jewelry. This jewelry carries the words or symbols that motivate, comfort, celebrate, commemorate … it inspires.

While the “Dream & Believe” or “Courage” types of personalization are very popular in inspirational jewelry, the ones we really love to see are the very personal messages crafted especially for the wearer. Because we create completely personalized jewelry we see many of these very personal messages. We might not understand the meaning,  but the wearer knows exactly what the message means.

Some of these personal messages mark life’s challenges:  a sobriety anniversary, fighting an illness,  the death of a loved one. Others celebrate major accomplishments: graduation, motherhood, marriage. And some simply provide inspiration: Be Present, Live With Passion, No Regrets

We can place your very personal inspirational message on our jewelry in words and in Chinese Symbols. And, if you’re a bit stumped on a message idea, we can inspire you with some messages of our own. Inspirational Message Ideas

My own favorite piece of personalized jewelry is a Chinese Symbol Pendant with the symbol for “Journey.” It’s one of those staple pieces I wear almost every day. It’s a good reminder to me that the joy is in the journey.

I bet you know a special someone who would love to receive a piece of personalized jewelry selected just for them.

Chinese Symbols Sure Are Popular

Chinese Symbol PendantOur customers tell us that we’re the only jeweler they’ve found who can place the Chinese Symbols of their choice on personalized jewelry. Not just the handful of symbols you see everywhere, but any symbol.
We can’t swear it’s true but we do know that our Chinese Symbol Jewelry sure is popular.

Chinses Symbol Signet RingThe stories that go with the jewelry are so special too – celebrating Chinese adoptions, sharing a loving message discretely, commemorating a name, keeping motivating and comforting messages close. All add meaning to the exotic visual the symbols create.

Because of the popularity of our Chinese Symbol Jewelry we’re always exploring new additions to the collection. We’ve just added two new designs – the Wreath Chinese Symbol Pendant and the Chinese Symbol Signet Ring (Men’s and Women’s). Wonderful new designs for this popular collection.

We’ve Added Live Chat

Well, well, well. Aren’t we pleased with ourselves. We’ve managed to figure out how to add a Live Chat feature to 😮

We’ll still be available by phone (800.692.1950) or email (, but for those of you who want an instant answer to your question, we’ll now also be available by Live Chat during the day.

Just look for the “Live Chat” button in the right column of any page. If it says “Online” we’re there waiting to talk to you. We’re still figuring it all out so be patient with us!

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