Sorella’s Personalized Jewelry Expansion

We’ve been very busy this past summer adding quite a few new pieces to the Sorella collection. Our inspiration comes from many sources – the world of fashion, requests from customers, cultural trends, and our own creative minds.

In case you’ve missed the new additions, here’s a summary:

Let us know if there is something you’re personally looking for. We can always create a custom piece for you and, who knows, maybe you’ll inspire a new addition to the Sorella collection!

Black Diamond Fever

Black diamonds seemed to be everywhere at the industry trade shows we attended this summer. They are currently riding a wave of popularity as a somewhat more affordable luxury in our country’s current economic slump.

Black diamonds, like any diamonds, are pure carbon crystals. But what makes black diamonds different is their unique structure called “polycrystalline.”  Rather than refracting light like white and other colored diamonds, this unique structure causes these diamonds to absorb light, creating the appearance of a black stone.

Black diamonds are striking when paired up with white gold or palladium, and they look crazy dramatic against the hot white of the more “price friendly” sterling silver. We’re introducing them into our personalized jewelry line as an option on our most popular “bling” pieces:

Pierced and Solid Roman Numeral Rings Rimmed with Diamonds

Pierced and Sold 24mm and 36mm Script Monogram Pendants

Snowflake  25mm and 35mm Monogram Pendants

Check them out – they’re just waiting to be added to your Christmas and holiday wish list!

It’s “Man Time”: Sorella Adds Personalized Cuff Links

Monogram Cuff LinksWhile many of our pendants and rings are suitable for men, we’ve had requests for some very specific “man jewelry” – aka cuff links.

We’ve created a number of cuff link sets for custom customer requests – including this monogram set in sterling silver for my daughter’s fiance – but we decided it was time to add them to the Sorella collection … just in time for holiday gifts!

We are excited to announce the introduction of Sorella’s Personalized Cuff Links. Choose from a selection of monogram, initial, Chinese Symbol, and horoscope symbol styles. And, if you like a little bling, make sure to check out our Initial Cuff Links Rimmed with White or Black Diamonds.

Each pair of cuff links are available in your choice of sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, and 14k white gold.

Every man should have at least one pair of cuff links in their collection. They’re elegant, timeless and oh-so-sophisticated. Show your man he’s your Mr. Cool with the gift of personalized cuff links.

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