The Sorella Jewelry Guides

We’ve created a new section on the website we’ve name The Sorella Jewelry Guides.

In The Vault will be a growing series of informational articles about a wide variety of jewelry topics. Not the boring, obvious topics you can read thousands of places on the web, but real insight into the jewelry-making process, and the Sorella jewelry-making process in particular.

Questions from customers have driven a lot of what we write about. If there’s something you’d specifically want to learn more about, please let us know.

We’re starting off with a series of articles that go more in-depth than we have previously on our products and our processes – how Sorella’s designs and processes differ from the mass-produced pieces you’ll find everywhere.  We do not mass produce anything. We create each Sorella piece one at a time.

We’re different. We’re unique. We think you are too.

So, take a tour of the first four articles in The Sorella Jewelry Guides:

Shhhhh….. It’s a Secret. Early Mother’s Day Savings!

Mother’s Day season is around the corner and we’re getting prepared. As you might guess, Mothers Day is a big deal in the personalized jewelry biz, second only to the Christmas season for order activity. So, we’re eating right, working out, and getting plenty of sleep to make sure we’re in good shape for the season.

Mother’s Day is also one of the few times we offer a site-wide discount. We’ll be emailing everyone on our mailing list an announcement next week and also posting it on the website. But for our blog readers we thought we’d give you a head start and let you start your shopping now.

Just enter the coupon code “mday11” when you checkout out and you’ll receive an instant 10% Savings on everything in the store.

You’ll receive Free Shipping and Guaranteed Delivery by Mother’s Day on all US orders placed by April 24.  And, if you’re running late, you can order through May 2nd with our Rush Service and still receive your order by Mother’s Day.

So, come on …. make your mother cry with the gift of a piece of fine jewelry personalized just for her.

High-End Business Gifts That Make An Impact

Google “corporate gifts” or “business gifts” and you’ll find website after website selling the same boring items – gift baskets, paperweights, pens, lapel pins, yada yada ….zzzzzz. It’s enough to put you to sleep.

Are those the kind of gifts you want to give to an important client, or partner, or employee? Are those the kind of gifts that tell them you think they’re special. We don’t think so.

Sorella can create a custom piece of fine jewelry personalized in any way you’d like that will be a luxurious, unique, and meaningful gift that will not only be worn, but will be treasured. We can create company specific jewelry (i.e commemorate a special date in Roman numerals, personalize with a logo or company tagline, etc.) and we can create personal pieces for individuals (i.e. a monogram ring, a special phrase translated into Chinese Symbols, etc.)

If you’re looking for unusual high-end executive gifts for both men and women that won’t remain in the box in the back of a drawer, consider a very personal piece of fine jewelry from Sorella Jewelry. We create unique corporate gifts with style.


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