The Whole Fam-damily Gets Into The Act

Naming our studio after the Italian word for “sister” gives you a good idea of how important family is to Lynn and me. The third sorella, our sister Jill, is a talented graphic and fine artist who also is a significant artistic contributor to Sorella.

Lynn adjusts rings

The three of us aren’t just sisters, we’re best friends. And we’re lucky to have amazing family members who are just fun people to hang out with.

So, a couple of weeks ago when we needed to shoot our new Mosaic Stacking Ring Collection we reached out to our niece Amanda (Jill’s daughter) to be our ring model.  Amanda came to the photo shoot with her two adorable little boys – Brady (3 years) and Max (7 months). So Lynn invited her daughter, Alexandra, to “baby wrangle” during the shoot. It was truly a family production.

The result was great photos and another great time with family.

Brady the ring model


Introducing The Mosaic™ Stacking Ring Collection

At Sorella we’re big fans of the stacking ring style and they’ve always been a main feature of our collection. Our customers are obviously big fans too, because they’ve made our stacking rings one of our biggest sellers.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce a new stacking ring collection that really lets you create meaningful and very customized ring collages.

The Mosaic™ Stacking Ring Collection consists of fourteen individual rings of different shapes, sizes, and personalization that you can mix and match in any combination. Each ring is designed to fit perfectly with every other ring in the collection.

Choose from gemstones of different sizes and shapes, initials, names, words, dates (Roman numerals), and texture rings to design your own personal mosaic. The rings are really designed to be worn in multiples so we’re offering a sizable 20% discount off of every ring when you purchase three or more.

Mosaic Stacking Ring Collection

Unleash your imagination and creativity. Create mosaics celebrating your children, your love, your life.

Visit the Mosaic Stacking Ring Collection

Two New Family Birthstone Pendants

Our Family Birthstone pendants have been so popular that we’re excited to introduce two new original designs – our Family Love Knot Birthstone Pendant and our Family Petal Birthstone Pendant.

Both of these pendants will hold a sizable selection of birthstones for a large or extended family. These are perfect pieces for very proud grandmothers.

The Petal pendant holds up to 14 stones … the most stones of any of our Family Birthstone pendants. The Love Knot pendant holds 9 stones. You design your own arrangement with both of these pendants by choosing which gem positions to use and which gems are placed in each position.

The Love Knot Pendant features a “hidden” bail (the hook the chain hangs on) with the chain threading through a bail mounted on the back on the pendant. A 1mm snake chain is recommended for this pendant. And for a nice twist, the Love Knot is also available as a brooch. The Love Knot is a solid and substantial piece.

The Petal pendant features a creative “tied” chain attachment for a very current look. The Petal is elegant and refined with an organic feel.


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