I’m So Over Heavy Metal

I am so over heavy metal. That is the clever play on words that the Palladium Alliance International (PAI), the trade organization for palladium jewelry, has created as their tagline for a mult-million dollar advertising campaign that began this month.

The tagline references both the lightness of palladium and the connection to heavy metal music of the three glamorous stars who are the faces of the campaign. Pamela Anderson (ex-wife of  Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee), Kelly Osbourne (daughter of Black Sabbath lead singer, Ozzy Osbourne) and Rose McGowan (former girlfriend of heavy metal rocker Marilyn Manson) each have their individual very glamorous ads touting the appeal of palladium jewelry.

Read more about why we agree with these beautiful women and love to create palladium jewelry.

Sorella’s Star Turn on “CSI”

A couple of weeks ago we received a call from someone on the production design team for the CSI TV series. They were interested in our Horoscope charms for an upcoming episode, and ended up purchasing a set of two of two different horoscopes.

Horoscope Symbol Charm

Horoscope Symbol Charm

Oh, how excited were we! “Can we ask how our charms will factor into the story?” we asked with excitement. The answer threw us for a surprise.

We don’t want to ruin the story and suspense for the millions of CSI fans out there, so just suffice it to say that the storyline includes a bit of a bawdy carnival show with our charms worn in a way we hadn’t thought of ! Although the fact they were bought in sets might give you some idea.

Unfortunately they weren’t able to tell us the air date and we forgot to ask whether this was CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, or CSI: NY (we suspect it was CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), so we have our DVR’s set to record every new episode of of all three CSI versions!

Sorella Featured in US Weekly Magazine

In our previous post we shared with you that Sorella had the honor of creating an original Palladium pendant that was given as a thank you gift to Kelly Osbourne, Pam Anderson, and Rose McGowan for their participation as models in a national palladium advertising campaign sponsored by the Palladium Alliance.

Well, now we find that US Weekly Magazine (Sept 5, 200 issue) has featured this new piece – the Diamond-Rimmed Script Monogram Pendant in Palladium – in their, oh-so- influential “Buzzometer” section! How exciting. We are absolutely  “buzzing” with excitement!

And also online at USMagazine.com.

The celebrity world has discovered Sorella Jewelry Studio! We’re tickled to have Kelly Osbourne, Pam Anderson, a nd Rose McGowan wearing our pieces.


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