Very Special Holiday Shopping

Some folks love the Black Friday and holiday season shopping craziness. They love to go out to the mall and big box stores and do battle for the hot products and the crazy limited-time-offer deals.

Palladium Diamond Monogram PendantBut when you’re shopping for gifts that are more personal, more special, and more substantial than Talking Elmo or a blue ray dvd player, or whatever this year’s gotta-have gift is, then that shopping craziness just doesn’t provide the right setting or selection.

When you’re choosing a very special gift for a very special someone, you want to have an extensive selection of quality products to choose from and you want to spend the time needed to find just the right match. That’s where comes in.

Chinese Symbol is open 24/7 to fit your schedule. You can browse our extensive selection and comprehensive product information as long as you’d like. And when you have a question, just call (8a-5pEST) or email us and you’ll get a prompt response from a real person. We’re a small studio obsessed with making high quality custom jewelry and providing very personal and responsive customer service.

This holiday season, when you’re ready to shop for the very special people in your life, leave the malls and big box stores behind. Put your slippers on, grab a cup of coffee, and curl up at home with your computer and head to We’re waiting to create a very special piece of jewelry for you.


This Holiday Season, Tell Them What You Really Want!

That’s our motto this holiday season. Tell them what you really want.

We were inspired by all of the email refers we were seeing in our website traffic logs. Someone sends an email to someone else with a link to our site or a specific piece and says …. hint, hint…. I really like this. And voila! the perfect gift is purchased.

So, sometimes you can’t be subtle. Sometimes you have to come right out and tell them what you really want.

And tell them if they purchase by November 20th and use coupon code “pre11” they’ll get a 10% discount on their entire Sorella order.

Perfect gift. Perfect price. Perfect Holiday.

Sorella Stars in CSI: Freaks & Geeks

A month ago we posted about our order from the television series CSI. Well, last night “our” episode premiered and we were oh-so excited.

The episode was titled “Freaks & Geeks” and the description was: “When a Jane Doe is found near the freakish attractions of a 19th-century-inspired traveling sideshow, the team investigates a cast of unusual characters.”

Unusual indeed. Our horoscope charm turned out to be the key piece of evidence that solved two murders!

One of the carnival … ahh… errr.. performers .. wore the charm as a nipple ring. Oh, my. And it was bitten off and swallowed by another performer, and subsequent murder victim!

The charm was discovered in the stomach of the murder victim during an autopsy.  And, as you can see from the photo still from the show, no worse for the wear!

You can find our episode online here: CSI: Freaks & Geeks … Starring Sorella Jewelry

You certainly don’t have to be a carnival performer to appreciate our horoscope charms. They make wonderful gifts and are more commonly worn on a necklace chain or a bracelet …. rather than permanently attached to the body.

Check out our Horoscope Charms and our complete selection of Personalized Charms.

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