Monograms: A Classic Gift Idea For The Ages

Monograms have been a popular design element for eons. Really, eons. Wikipedia reports that they first appeared around 350BC on coins.

Flowing Script Monogram Pendant,

So, what exactly is a monogram? A monogram is the combination of two or more letters or other graphic elements to form a single symbol. Uncombined letters, such as three individual letters in line, are not considered a monogram.

Through the ages, monograms were a common signature for artists and craftsman and could be quite elaborate. The intent was to have a distinctive mark that would validate the authenticity of their work. Most often, these marks integrated two or three initials of the individual’s name.

Monograms were also used to represent organizations, royalty, businesses, and geographical locations (the letters of Greek cites are what first appeared on those coins from 350BC).

Today, monograms remain as popular as ever. They’re full of tradition and wonderfully classic. Certainly one of the first types of “personalization.”  And the design possibilities are endless – from styles (antique to contemporary, classic to quirky), to products (jewelry, home decor, apparel, tattoos), to materials (precious metal, fabric, wood).

Two popular monogram niches that we’re keenly aware of are newlyweds and new parents.

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Newlyweds: For many new brides, marriage will mean a new name … and a new monogram. Gifts of monograms area a wonderful way to celebrate her new life. A monogram pendant, a scarf, a bathrobe.

Another wonderful tradition is to create a home decor piece such as a framed picture, that  holds a three-letter monogram consisting of the the bride’s first name initial, the groom’s first name initial, and their shared last name initial in the center.

New Parents:  New babies mean new names, and new monograms. Monograms are a popular design element included in many nurseries – a blanket, bedding, clothing.  And new moms looking for a more creative “Mother’s jewelry” option can wear a monogram pendant with their child’s initials.

Monograms have been in fashion for eons, and will continue to be for eons more. They’re a gift that will never go out of style.


Are We Really Sisters?

Since the studio is named after the Italian word for sister (sorella), we’re often asked if the owners are really sisters. We can confirm that the owners,  Lynn and Beth Stefani, are indeed sisters, and great friends. Our history together provides us with great advantages, including a shorthand for communication and an unbreakable trust.

Born only 14 months apart (Beth is the younger … but don’t mention that to Lynn), we’ve shared a lot over the years. We were excited to create a business that allowed us to work together and combine our interests, talents and skills. Sorella Jewelry Studio was founded in 2007.

While Lynn and Beth each have their own areas of specialization – Lynn manages production and operations while Beth handles web operations and marketing – we work closely together on planning and product development.

Family doesn’t just stop with Lynn and Beth, though. Family is central to Sorella. Whether family by birth or by choice, our jewelry celebrates the important people in our lives and those close and precious personal ties.

We frequently call on members of our own close Italian family to be guinea pigs for our latest ideas or to pitch in. Our artist sister, Jill Stefani Wagner, is a graphic and fine artist who has played a big roll in the Sorella “look” and has even designed some pieces. Lynn’s and Jill’s daughters model our work for photographs and provide great insight into the tastes of the Millennial generation. Our mother is an enthusiastic evangelist who wears our jewelry on her worldwide travels and spreads the word.

We’ve recently stepped out behind the curtain and posted a photo of ourselves on our About page. That’s a “serious” photo. We thought we’d include a photo on this post that is less serious, but very authentically us. On the left is Beth, with her assistant, Finn. And on the right, Lynn with her assistant, Toby. We’re a fun team.


Sorella on Etsy

Lynn and I are both fans of, the online marketplace for handmade products. We’ve been blown away with the quality, creativity and variety of products offered for sale by so many independent artisans.

We’ve done quite a bit of shopping on Etsy, so it was a pretty logical jump for us to decide that we should bring our Sorella jewelry to our own Etsy shop. So that’s exactly what we did. We’re still working on filling out the store, but you’ll already find many of our products available with more to come.

So, if you’re an Etsy fan, please stop by our shop and visit us. You’ll find the same great quality and customer service that we deliver on our web shop,



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