Monogram Format

We love monograms. They’re so wonderfully traditional and classic, and still so trendy. In a past post we talked about the origins of monograms. Today we thought we’d share a bit about “proper” monogram format and for that you need to head to the American South, where monograms are practically a religion.

We turned to the ladies of Southern Weddings Magazine and Emma J Designs (an exquisite graphic and fine paper designer based in Savannah, Georgia) who have created and presented a wonderfully helpful visual presentation of the correct formal monogram format …. and these ladies know of what they speak.

Check out their Monogram Etiquette “Cheat Sheet”

Now, we love proper etiquette and formal presentation … but we also have a bit of the rebel in us and celebrate individuality. We love working with customers to create their own particular monograms, whatever the origins. So, embrace the formal format or create a format totally your own. There are no rules at Sorella Jewelry Studio.

Check out our entire Monogram Jewelry Collection or start from scratch with a custom creation.

“Will You Marry Me” Season

The holidays are special for so many reasons, but for many, many, many couples, it is “Will You Marry Me” season. As May, June, and July are to weddings, December is to wedding proposals. Gobs of them. You have to admit, an engagement ring is hard to beat as a holiday gift.

For all those soon-to-be engaged couples, CONGRATULATIONS! Below is a list of our fave wedding websites that we’re sure you’ll be spending way too much time on over the next year – fave because we think they’re cool, and fave because they’ve include a listing for Sorella!

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