Palladium – The Other Precious White Metal

Palladium was discovered in 1803 and has been used in jewelry since 1939. But it is much less well known than other precious jewelry metals as the structure of palladium makes it more challenging for jewelers to work with.  That’s all changing, however, as jewelers and consumers discover the wonderful attributes of this beautiful metal.

Palladium is a naturally white precious metal with a lustrous silvery-white color. Unlike white gold which is naturally yellow and has alloys added to it to change the color, palladium is white in it’s natural state and will not fade. It is also a very hard and durable metal making it a wonderful choice for everyday jewelry such as wedding rings.

As the price of platinum has risen, palladium has become a popular platinum replacement. Palladium is slightly whiter, much lighter and about 12% harder than platinum. It is also significantly less expensive, usually falling in a similar price range as 14K gold.

Recent advances have produced a new alloy of palladium that is perfect for jewelry manufacturing, offering consumers an ideal substitution for platinum at reasonable cost. The most common combination of the metal is 95% palladium and 5% ruthenium, known as 950 Palladium. All Sorella Palladium personalized jewelry is made with 950 Palladium.