The Third Sorella

If you’ve read our About page, you know that Sorella Jewelry Studio is the partnership of two sisters (sorella in Italian) – Lynn and Beth Stefani. But there’s a third sorella that’s had a big impact on Sorella Jewelry.

Jill Stefani Wagner is the very talented third Stefani sister. Jill’s had her own graphic design business – Wagner Design – for 20+ years in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is also an accomplished fine artist.

Jill is the designer behind the Sorella logo, web site design, and our overall “look.” And, we’ve enticed her into designing some new pieces for Sorella. Stay tuned for those in 2010.

Jill’s fine art work is in pastels and watercolors. She creates lush landscapes, portraits, and still life that draw you in and make you feel at home.

You can see Jill’s work at, on her blog, and at several galleries in the midwest. In addition to original pieces, Jill also has giclee art prints available for a number of her pieces.


I’m lucky enough to have several of Jill’s pieces hanging in my home and I treasure them all, but I have to say that my favorite painting is the one she did of my spoiled and adored dog, Tucker. She really captured his sweet but very mischievous soul.  Her pet portraits are really special.