Family is Forever: Our Family Birthstone Pendant Collection

We’ve been blown away with the response to our first family birthstone pendant that we introduced last year – the Family Spiral Birthstone pendant. Customers told us that it was really hard to find a pendant that would hold many birthstones yet was still attractive and stylish. They said that our Spiral Family Pendant was a welcome relief from the uninspired and less than attractive designs they saw everywhere else.

With the great response to our first pendant, we knew we were on to something. We decided to introduce several  new and totally original Family Pendant designs this year.

And, to make this a true family effort, Lynn and I called on our very talented artist sister, Jill, to design the collection. Jill has been a professional graphic and fine artist for many years (I don’t want to get into trouble, so I’m not saying exactly how many years) and has a real feel for jewelry. Jill’s website can be found at

Family Leaf Birthstone PendantToday we’re introducing Jill’s first design of the collection – the Family Leaf Birthstone Pendant. This elegant pendant will hold up to 12 birthstones, but also looks lovely with just a few. The graceful lines of the veins of the leaf hug each birthstone. The pendant is available in sterling silver, 10k, 14k, and 18k gold, palladium and platinum, and can also be created as a brooch.

Our Family Pendants make wonderful gifts for proud mothers and grandmothers as a touching celebration of their entire family. Additional birthstones can even be added as the family grows.

Mother’s Jewelry That Can Grow With Your Family

Mother’s jewelry is consistently one of the most popular types of  personalized jewelry.  Celebrating your children with jewelry personalized with their names, birth dates and birthstones never goes out of style.  One particular style that has been growing in popularity is jewelry that can be added on to as the family grows.

There are two main types of this expanding family jewelry:

  1. Individual pieces worn together such as stackable name, birth date or birthstone rings and individual name pendants worn on a single chain.
  2. An individual piece that can be added to such as a birthstone pendant or ring that can have additional birthstones added.

Expandability is something that has to be designed into a piece of jewelry from the beginning. It can’t be an afterthought.

Below are some examples of “expandable” jewelry that we offer at Sorella Jewelry.

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