Sorella’s Star Turn on “CSI”

A couple of weeks ago we received a call from someone on the production design team for the CSI TV series. They were interested in our Horoscope charms for an upcoming episode, and ended up purchasing a set of two of two different horoscopes.

Horoscope Symbol Charm

Horoscope Symbol Charm

Oh, how excited were we! “Can we ask how our charms will factor into the story?” we asked with excitement. The answer threw us for a surprise.

We don’t want to ruin the story and suspense for the millions of CSI fans out there, so just suffice it to say that the storyline includes a bit of a bawdy carnival show with our charms worn in a way we hadn’t thought of ! Although the fact they were bought in sets might give you some idea.

Unfortunately they weren’t able to tell us the air date and we forgot to ask whether this was CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, or CSI: NY (we suspect it was CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), so we have our DVR’s set to record every new episode of of all three CSI versions!

Special Jewelry For Special Graduates

We really love being able to be a part of celebrating all the special moments in life. Graduation season is one of our favorites. It’s all about reaching goals and new beginnings.  What an exciting time.

If you have a special grad in your life that you’d like to celebrate with a special gift, Sorella Jewelry Studio has a wide selection of elegant personalized graduation jewelry to fit any taste. Choose from rings, pendants, bracelets, charms, and then make it unique with personalization chosen just for your graduate.

To celebrate Graduation Season, Sorella is offering a 7.5% discount store-wide through June 15th.  Just use the coupon code “grads” at checkout and you’ll receive an instant discount on your entire order.

A Gift of Family For Grandmothers

Looking for a creative gift for that special grandmother? Consider a charm bracelet with a personalized charm for each grandchild or family member.

Each charm can be personalized with the name, birthstone, or monogram of each family member. This makes a truly one-of-a-kind gift that any grandmother would treasure. She’ll have her family with her always.

We made one of these family bracelets recently for several siblings to give to their grandmother. They wanted a very special piece of personalized jewelry for a special lady. It held eight name charms, one  for each grandchild, placed on the bracelet in birth order.

Their grandmother liked it so much that they haven’t seen it off her hand since.

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