It’s All Greek To Us!

We receive quite a few inquiries asking us if we can place a phrase on a piece of our jewelry in a foreign language such as French, Spanish and Italian. The answer is, of course! All of these languages use the same alphabet as English, so if you can spell it in another language, we can definitely place it on our personalized jewelry, for no extra charge.

A bit more challenging are the requests to place words on a piece in a foreign language that uses a different alphabet – such as Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic. The answer to this question is also yes, but it will take a little more work.

Since we don’t have the fonts for these different languages, we deal with the words as if they’re images and import them into our CAD (computer-aided-design) software as an image. That usually requires the customer to provide the words to us in an image format (jpg or gif). The better the resolution of your image, the better it will appear on your jewelry. We can also usually use an image that appears on a website (as long as it’s not a copyrighted image).

So, don’t let the English language limit your imagination when you designing your very personal piece of Sorella Jewelry.