Wedding Rings With Special Meaning

The prime wedding planning season is upon us and engaged couples everywhere are busy planning how they’ll make their special day unique and reflective of their personalities. No choice is more important and long lasting than which rings they’ll wear.

One of our very favorite things to create are personalized and unique wedding rings for our customers. The special words, names, dates (Roman Numerals), and symbols they choose always give us a glimpse into their lives and what’s important to them.

Wearing a wedding ring is a statement of love and commitment. Wearing a personalized jewelry wedding ring customized with your own personal message is a very personal statement.

If you’d like to create wedding rings that are your own very personal statement, please give us a call (800.692.1950) or send us an email. We’d love to work with you to create the wedding rings of your dreams.

You may also be interested in our personalized  Anniversary Rings and Couples Rings.

Romantic Jewelry That Remains Private

Looking for a unique romantic jewelry gift that’s a bit more private? Consider astrological pendants with each of you wearing the sign of the other. No one knows the meaning except for the two of you, yet you’ll have a reminder of your special someone with you always.

Astrological jewelry can be quite elegant and suitable for both men and women. There’s a variety of¬† astrological presentations that you can choose from ranging from traditional to quirky.

  • Traditional horoscope symbols in simple lines
  • Horoscope symbols translated into picture images
  • Chinese Zodiac Animals as picture images

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