Sorella Stars in CSI: Freaks & Geeks

A month ago we posted about our order from the television series CSI. Well, last night “our” episode premiered and we were oh-so excited.

The episode was titled “Freaks & Geeks” and the description was: “When a Jane Doe is found near the freakish attractions of a 19th-century-inspired traveling sideshow, the team investigates a cast of unusual characters.”

Unusual indeed. Our horoscope charm turned out to be the key piece of evidence that solved two murders!

One of the carnival … ahh… errr.. performers .. wore the charm as a nipple ring. Oh, my. And it was bitten off and swallowed by another performer, and subsequent murder victim!

The charm was discovered in the stomach of the murder victim during an autopsy.  And, as you can see from the photo still from the show, no worse for the wear!

You can find our episode online here: CSI: Freaks & Geeks … Starring Sorella Jewelry

You certainly don’t have to be a carnival performer to appreciate our horoscope charms. They make wonderful gifts and are more commonly worn on a necklace chain or a bracelet …. rather than permanently attached to the body.

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