NEW! Chinese Symbol Date Rings

We’ve had a peanut butter meets chocolate kind of moment. (Remember that old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial when the peanut butter lover bumps into the chocolate lover? Oh, my, how I love Reese’s. But I digress.)

Our Roman Numeral rings and our Chinese Symbol jewelry are two of our hottest products. So …. Eureka!  We’ve created a Chinese Symbol Date Ring!  A very exotic way to mark a wedding date or other special moment.

Personalization can be in any date format (full date, year, month, etc.) or any number that you choose. The rings are available in a full range of precious metals and in both one tone and two tone.

Dates in Chinese are traditionally expressed in  yyyy/mm/dd order. The appropriate number characters are followed by the character representing “year,” “month” and “day” as shown in the examples below. For numbers beyond 10, the characters are added together. For example, the number 24 would consist of the characters for 2, 10, and 4.

(Diagrams below provided courtesy of our friend Andres’ wonderful site