We’ve Added Live Chat

Well, well, well. Aren’t we pleased with ourselves. We’ve managed to figure out how to add a Live Chat feature to SorellaJewelry.com. 😮

We’ll still be available by phone (800.692.1950) or email (info@sorellajewelry.com), but for those of you who want an instant answer to your question, we’ll now also be available by Live Chat during the day.

Just look for the “Live Chat” button in the right column of any page. If it says “Online” we’re there waiting to talk to you. We’re still figuring it all out so be patient with us!

Double-Sided Personalized Pendants For Twice as Much Meaning

Our customers often are sources for great product ideas. One of those ideas that has really taken off is the double-sided pendant.

About a year ago we had a customer ask whether we could create a double-sided version of our 25mm Vertical Chinese Symbol pendant so that they could put one message on one side and a different message on the other.

We instantly had one of those “Why didn’t we think of that” moments. What a great idea. We made the double sided Chinese Symbol pendant for that customer and have been making quite a few ever since. The personalized pendants are completely reversible with the wearer deciding which side to wear facing out each time they put it on. Now that’s truly personalized jewelry.

We offer the double-sided version in almost all of our one-tone, solid pendants. What you decide to put on each side is up to you. You can choose Chinese Symbols, words, dates, names, or any combination of these.

The double-sided version of our pendants are only $50 more than the single-sided versions at any precious metal choice. If you’re interested, just give us a call (800.692.1950) or send us an email (info@sorellajewelry.com) and we’ll discuss your special design with you.

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