Gift Giving in the Digital Age

We just received a very neat email from a recent customer who had purchased a Chinese Symbol pendant as a gift for someone very special.

Michael lives and works in China, while his girlfriend lives and works in Virginia. But 7000 miles doesn’t keep this couple apart. They rely on Skype to keep connected and to be together for those important events such as her birthday.

We feel warm and fuzzy that we could be a part of keeping this special couple connected.

To Jeanne and Lynn,
Thanks so much for all your help getting this present to Amy in time for her birthday.

It made it much easier for us to have a good day even with me being 7,000 miles away.

I was able to watch her open it on Skype and she loved it. Thanks so much for getting that done and the piece looks beautiful.  ~ Michael

Say “No” To Generic Retirement Gifts

We’ve created several pieces this month that will be retirement gifts for some special folks. We really love creating these type of pieces because each one is very different. Personalized jewelry is a a great idea for creating a very personal and very unique retirement gift.

You won’t find a “Retirement Gift” category on because we don’t sell canned “Congratulations On Your Retirement” generic items. Each one of our pieces could be suitable as a retirement gift and could be personalized with a meaningful – and not generic – message.

For one customer we created a Vertical Monogram Pendant for a friend who was retiring from teaching. Instead of her initials, the “monogram” was the initials of the school she worked at for thirty years. And on the back were the dates of that service.

For another customer we created a round Chinese symbol Pendant with the translation for “Fly.” It was to be a retirement gift for her husband and represented their excitement for the non-work years ahead.

But I think my favorite gift is a diamond-rimmed Monogram Pendant that a husband ordered for his wife. He was the one retiring but he wanted to thank his wife for all she put up with throughout his career. Now, THAT is sweet.

So, if you have a special retirement coming up, don’t settle for generic and trite. Create a truly meaningful piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry for your very special retiree.

Black Diamond Fever

Black diamonds seemed to be everywhere at the industry trade shows we attended this summer. They are currently riding a wave of popularity as a somewhat more affordable luxury in our country’s current economic slump.

Black diamonds, like any diamonds, are pure carbon crystals. But what makes black diamonds different is their unique structure called “polycrystalline.”  Rather than refracting light like white and other colored diamonds, this unique structure causes these diamonds to absorb light, creating the appearance of a black stone.

Black diamonds are striking when paired up with white gold or palladium, and they look crazy dramatic against the hot white of the more “price friendly” sterling silver. We’re introducing them into our personalized jewelry line as an option on our most popular “bling” pieces:

Pierced and Solid Roman Numeral Rings Rimmed with Diamonds

Pierced and Sold 24mm and 36mm Script Monogram Pendants

Snowflake  25mm and 35mm Monogram Pendants

Check them out – they’re just waiting to be added to your Christmas and holiday wish list!

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