Say “No” To Generic Retirement Gifts

We’ve created several pieces this month that will be retirement gifts for some special folks. We really love creating these type of pieces because each one is very different. Personalized jewelry is a a great idea for creating a very personal and very unique retirement gift.

You won’t find a “Retirement Gift” category on because we don’t sell canned “Congratulations On Your Retirement” generic items. Each one of our pieces could be suitable as a retirement gift and could be personalized with a meaningful – and not generic – message.

For one customer we created a Vertical Monogram Pendant for a friend who was retiring from teaching. Instead of her initials, the “monogram” was the initials of the school she worked at for thirty years. And on the back were the dates of that service.

For another customer we created a round Chinese symbol Pendant with the translation for “Fly.” It was to be a retirement gift for her husband and represented their excitement for the non-work years ahead.

But I think my favorite gift is a diamond-rimmed Monogram Pendant that a husband ordered for his wife. He was the one retiring but he wanted to thank his wife for all she put up with throughout his career. Now, THAT is sweet.

So, if you have a special retirement coming up, don’t settle for generic and trite. Create a truly meaningful piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry for your very special retiree.