High-End Business Gifts That Make An Impact

Google “corporate gifts” or “business gifts” and you’ll find website after website selling the same boring items – gift baskets, paperweights, pens, lapel pins, yada yada ….zzzzzz. It’s enough to put you to sleep.

Are those the kind of gifts you want to give to an important client, or partner, or employee? Are those the kind of gifts that tell them you think they’re special. We don’t think so.

Sorella can create a custom piece of fine jewelry personalized in any way you’d like that will be a luxurious, unique, and meaningful gift that will not only be worn, but will be treasured. We can create company specific jewelry (i.e commemorate a special date in Roman numerals, personalize with a logo or company tagline, etc.) and we can create personal pieces for individuals (i.e. a monogram ring, a special phrase translated into Chinese Symbols, etc.)

If you’re looking for unusual high-end executive gifts for both men and women that won’t remain in the box in the back of a drawer, consider a very personal piece of fine jewelry from Sorella Jewelry. We create unique corporate gifts with style.


Graduation Season

Graduation season is really a fun time for us. We get to create such a wide variety of pieces for people celebrating a major accomplishment. It’s a very happy time.

This season we’ve created pieces for grads from age 12 to 75 – and each one has a special and very different story. Most of the graduation jewelry pieces we created this season will be given as very personalized gifts to someone special, but there are a fair portion of grads who are celebrating by buying themselves their own “gift.” They’ve earned it!

I spoke with a grandmother who wanted a very special gift for her granddaughter who was adopted from China and was now graduating from high school. For her we created an elegant pendant with her last name translated into Chinese symbols. I think granddaughter is going to be pretty touched with such a truly personal gift.

We created a pendant with the graduation year in Roman Numerals for a woman who was finally finishing her Ph.D. after eight years of work.  She wanted a piece that would always remind her of her accomplishment but do it in a subtle way. Roman numerals are a wonderful may to mark life’s special moments in a very private manner.

A mother who was very proud of her teenage daughter’s grades asked us to create a script monogram ring to reward her performance.  She told us that nothing motivates her daughter like jewelry.  Who are we to disagree?

We literally have hundreds of these great little stories. We really feel lucky to share in those very special moments of our customers’ lives.

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