Rose Gold Sizzles

Rose gold is hot! It’s sizzling! While this colored gold has been around a very long time, it’s never been so trendy. It’s turning up on the runway, the red carpet and in fine jewelry stores. And we couldn’t be happier, because we love creating pieces in rose gold. It’s just so darn pretty

So, what’s so special  about rose gold?

  • It’s unique and different. While white and yellow metals are abundant, rose is seen much less and adds a real uniqueness to your look.
  • It combines with white and yellow gold for a wonderful tri-color look. A great fit for today’s “mix-and-match” fashion trends.
  • It’s so wonderfully feminine.

Wondering how gold, which is naturally a yellow metal, becomes rose? In a similar fashion to how it becomes white.

Gold in its pure state, which is 24 karat, is a yellow metal. But 24k gold is too soft to create jewelry from. So, additional metal alloys are added to the metal to create a stronger material.

To create white gold, white alloys such as palladium or ruthium are added. To create rose gold, copper is the metal alloy added to the gold. Rose gold is available in a variety of karats with 14k the most popular.

Almost all Sorella jewelry is available in rose gold. Aren’t you ready for a little rose?

Can I Wear My Gold Ring While Roofing?

From time-to-time we’re asked how much wear and hard use our precious metal jewelry can stand up to. Jewelers have been answering this question for ages. This question comes up most often in regards to rings which are the most “in the line of fire.”

While precious metals vary in their hardness and durability, we always advise customers to avoid wearing fine and treasured jewelry in situations where the jewelry could be exposed to chemicals or come into contact with hard and abrasive surfaces. That’s a polite way of saying “NO! Do not wear your gold ring while roofing!” (By the way, that is an actual question we received.)

Some people (hmmm …. I’d say mostly men) seem to think that because precious metal is more expensive than non-precious metal, it should be more durable. But it’s precious because it’s rare, not because it’s indestructible.  Like silk compared to denim.

Sterling Silver is the softest of the precious metals. Gold is harder, but still a relatively soft metal. The hardness of gold increases as the purity decreases. The alloy that is mixed with the gold is actually harder than the gold, so the larger the percentage of alloy, the harder the piece. This means that 10k gold is harder than 14k gold, which is harder than 18k gold.

The two hardest precious metals are platinum and palladium. Palladium, is actually harder and lighter than platinum, and makes an excellent choice for an everyday ring such as wedding rings. Platinum is a hard, but heavy metal, and at the top of the pricing pyramid as it’s more scarce. A harder ring will stand up better to dings and dents, but it will still scratch, so you still need to take care with it.

Precious metals make for the finest jewelry, but all fine things need special care. Take care of your jewelry and, please, DO NOT wear your gold ring while roofing!


New Initial Pendant With Loads of Style

We’ve just introduced a new initial pendant with simple clean lines and loads of style.  Each petite Two Initial Square Pierce Pendant is 1/2″ square with the background “pierced” (e.g. cut out) and your two initials set inside the square.

Two very different lettering styles are offered that create two very different looks. The Anna lettering style is very contemporary and a bit funky. The Lucca style is classic and elegant. You choose which style is your match.

The pendant is offered in your choice of our full range of precious metals – sterling silver, 10k yellow and white gold, 14k and 18k yellow, white and rose gold, palladium, and platinum.

The pendant looks great on either a small link chain or just a simple silk cord.

This is a piece that will always be in style and will quickly become a favorite.  I put mine on a month ago, and haven’t taken it off yet! A wonderful personalized jewlery gift for the special women in your life … including yourself!





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