The Sorella Jewelry Guides

We’ve created a new section on the website we’ve name The Sorella Jewelry Guides.

In The Vault will be a growing series of informational articles about a wide variety of jewelry topics. Not the boring, obvious topics you can read thousands of places on the web, but real insight into the jewelry-making process, and the Sorella jewelry-making process in particular.

Questions from customers have driven a lot of what we write about. If there’s something you’d specifically want to learn more about, please let us know.

We’re starting off with a series of articles that go more in-depth than we have previously on our products and our processes – how Sorella’s designs and processes differ from the mass-produced pieces you’ll find everywhere.  We do not mass produce anything. We create each Sorella piece one at a time.

We’re different. We’re unique. We think you are too.

So, take a tour of the first four articles in The Sorella Jewelry Guides: