Ring Size Conversions

There are a variety of ring sizing systems used around the world. The most common systems include the US, British, French, German, and Japanese variations.

It’s crucial to make sure that you order according to the sizing system the jeweler your dealing with uses. For instance, all Sorella rings are sized according to the US ring sizing system. So you’d want to know what your US ring size is.

Ideally you should have your finger sized by a professional jeweler and he or she can provide you with the conversion to the sizing system you need. But, we’ve found a handy dandy online tool that does a darn good job of converting ring size among the different systems. If you have an existing ring that fits but you don’t know the size, the tool can also translate  diameter or circumference (measured in millimeters or inches)to the different sizing systems also.

You can find the tool here:   Online Ring Size Conversion Tool

Jewelry Measurements

While the metric system is the world’s most widely used system of measurement, the United States has been the largest hold out.

This can make understanding jewelry measurements, traditionally measured in millimeters, a bit tough for us metric-challenged Americans. To help, Sorella provides the approximate conversion to inches with the millimeter measurements of each of our pieces.

A handy reference chart that converts millimeters to inches can be found at metric-conversions.org.  A good reference point to memorize is 25mm is approximately one inch.

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