More Offbeat Love. This time From Mamas.

The quirky folks at Offbeat Bride also have a site focused on the next life stage after the wedding, Offbeat Mama. Weddings and Mothers …. hmmm… could there be a more perfect fit for Sorella’s personalized jewelry? And not just any weddings and mothers … but unique, individual, quirky, offbeat weddings and mothers. Any wonder that we love the Offbeat folks?

Lucky for us, they love us too! They’ve posted a lovely little review of our original mothers jewelry collection. Check it out! Sorella’s Offbeat Mama Review

Offbeat Mama is a wonderful escape from all those generic, bland, cookie-cutter and totally clueless mother blogs out there. This site is about real mothers and their real experiences and celebrates the wide variety of styles, beliefs, and experiences. Viva la difference!

Shhhhh….. It’s a Secret. Early Mother’s Day Savings!

Mother’s Day season is around the corner and we’re getting prepared. As you might guess, Mothers Day is a big deal in the personalized jewelry biz, second only to the Christmas season for order activity. So, we’re eating right, working out, and getting plenty of sleep to make sure we’re in good shape for the season.

Mother’s Day is also one of the few times we offer a site-wide discount. We’ll be emailing everyone on our mailing list an announcement next week and also posting it on the website. But for our blog readers we thought we’d give you a head start and let you start your shopping now.

Just enter the coupon code “mday11” when you checkout out and you’ll receive an instant 10% Savings on everything in the store.

You’ll receive Free Shipping and Guaranteed Delivery by Mother’s Day on all US orders placed by April 24.  And, if you’re running late, you can order through May 2nd with our Rush Service and still receive your order by Mother’s Day.

So, come on …. make your mother cry with the gift of a piece of fine jewelry personalized just for her.

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