Photographing Jewelry Can Drive You To Drink

Ask any professional photographer and they’ll all tell you that jewelry is one of the toughest products to photograph. Why? Because metal is highly (and maddeningly) reflective.

What happens is that the jewelry reflects whatever is near by. Place the jewelry on a purple piece of fabric and your silver rings will have purple highlights. Add more light to offset that color and your silver jewelry looks flat and loses all detail and sparkle.

We amateur photographers can definitely improve the quality of our jewelry photos with practice and research, but there is no substitution for the skill and knowledge of a professional product photographer.

At Sorella, we try to shoot a photo of each piece of jewelry that we ship out. (You can see some of our work in our Photos Slide Show.) But we also regularly work with professional commercial photographer, Bob Foran, of Ann Arbor, Michigan to take photos of our collections.

This past week we had an all day shoot with Bob in his studio and he took some fabulous shots of some new pieces (can’t wait to share them with you!) and some of our best sellers.

You’ll be seeing these new products and new photos on our site and in some of your favorite magazines starting late summer. Stay tuned. Sorella is stepping out!