Chinese Symbols: Exotic & Meaningful

I love Chinese symbols in design. I love how they combine an exotic and attractive visual together with a very personal meaning.

When my sister, Lynn, and I started Sorella Jewelry Studio, I pushed to include Chinese symbol pendants and charms right from the beginning. I loved the idea of Chinese Symbols on jewelry and thought others might too.

I turned out to be so right (as I remind Lynn of regularly). Our Chinese Symbol line has turned into one of our top sellers. Because of their popularity, we’ve expanded the line with the addition of bracelets, rings, key rings, and additional pendant shapes.

While you can find Chinese Symbol jewelry many places, the symbols available are very limited and tend to be … well… boring. You know …. Happiness.  Long Life.  Love.  ….Yawn.

With our line we have nearly 300 words/phrases already translated into symbols and available to view on our website. Beyond those 300, we can have just about any word, name or phrase translated by our Taiwan-based translator.

Our customers create a piece of jewelry that has very special meaning – from romantic, to inspirational, to remembrance, to quirky and fun.  These pieces are visually attractive all on their own, without even knowing the meaning.  It’s your choice whether to share the meaning or keep it totally private.

As a co-owner of a Jewelry Studio, I obvioulsy own a lot of jewelry. More often than not, however, what is around my neck is a Sorella 25mm Vertical Chinese Symbol Pendant with the two symbols for “Journey.”  It’s a wonderful reminder to enjoy every day.