Can Personalized Rings Be Sized?

As makers of personalized jewelry, this is a question that comes up a lot. The answer, unfortunately, is … it depends.

The majority of our rings are designed so that the personalization wraps around the entire ring, filling the band. With these designs, resizing isn’t possible without damaging the personalization. Increasing or decreasing the ring size would distort the layout of the personalization.

Rings with personalization on only a portion of the band can often be resized.

To be safe, have your chosen ring finger sized professionally by a jeweler.

The Ring Finger?

Ever wonder why wedding rings in western cultures are traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand, commonly known as the “ring finger”?

The most common belief is that the practice dates to the Roman betrothal ceremony. The vein in the left ring finger was believed to connect directly to the heart, the symbol of love.

But through history the wedding ring has been worn on different fingers and hands. Traditions have varied by time, locale, culture and religion.

Today, the left ring finger is where the wedding ring is worn in most western cultures.

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