The Whole Fam-damily Gets Into The Act

Naming our studio after the Italian word for “sister” gives you a good idea of how important family is to Lynn and me. The third sorella, our sister Jill, is a talented graphic and fine artist who also is a significant artistic contributor to Sorella.

Lynn adjusts rings

The three of us aren’t just sisters, we’re best friends. And we’re lucky to have amazing family members who are just fun people to hang out with.

So, a couple of weeks ago when we needed to shoot our new Mosaic Stacking Ring Collection we reached out to our niece Amanda (Jill’s daughter) to be our ring model.  Amanda came to the photo shoot with her two adorable little boys – Brady (3 years) and Max (7 months). So Lynn invited her daughter, Alexandra, to “baby wrangle” during the shoot. It was truly a family production.

The result was great photos and another great time with family.

Brady the ring model