Love Is In The Air


Wedding  ring and anniversary ring orders tell us that there’s definitely quite a bit of romance in the air. And while our Roman Numeral, Chinese Symbol and Name and Message Rings are all very popular choices, we’ve been creating quite a few completely custom rings for customers. And that made us realize that we haven’t talked much about these little custom beauties.

If you have a vision for a ring – whether it be a modification of one of our existing pieces or something completely different and new – we can help you bring it to life.

Below are two completely custom rings we’ve recently completed – one a twentieth anniversary ring and one an engagement ring. Both stunning and one-of-a-kind.

Anniversary Ring

The first ring was created by a very sweet husband named Bill for his bride of twenty years. Bill wanted to create something stunning and spectacular that would thank his wife for twenty wonderful years. Now that’s a true romantic.

Bill’s inspiration was our Pierced Roman Numeral Ring, Rimmed with Diamonds in 18k yellow gold. We slimmed the band and added a 1.2ct center cushion cut diamond rimmed with twenty smaller diamonds.

We thought the ring was beautiful and really enjoyed creating it for such a special couple. Bill sent us a note after he gave his wife the ring to let us know it was a big hit. We were thrilled.

Engagement Ring

The second ring is an engagement ring for a very particular young woman. She had done extensive research and had selected different elements that she liked from a variety of different rings.  We pulled them all together to create a truly stunning engagement ring that fulfilled our bride’s vision.

The ring was created in platinum with the center piece a cushion cut 1.5ct diamond rimmed with small diamonds with a princess cut diamond on either side and small diamonds down the shank. The total diamond carat weight of the ring is 2.5ct.

It was a thrill to create such a spectacular one-of-a-kind ring for a very special young woman.

Wedding Rings With Special Meaning

The prime wedding planning season is upon us and engaged couples everywhere are busy planning how they’ll make their special day unique and reflective of their personalities. No choice is more important and long lasting than which rings they’ll wear.

One of our very favorite things to create are personalized and unique wedding rings for our customers. The special words, names, dates (Roman Numerals), and symbols they choose always give us a glimpse into their lives and what’s important to them.

Wearing a wedding ring is a statement of love and commitment. Wearing a personalized jewelry wedding ring customized with your own personal message is a very personal statement.

If you’d like to create wedding rings that are your own very personal statement, please give us a call (800.692.1950) or send us an email. We’d love to work with you to create the wedding rings of your dreams.

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The Ring Finger?

Ever wonder why wedding rings in western cultures are traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand, commonly known as the “ring finger”?

The most common belief is that the practice dates to the Roman betrothal ceremony. The vein in the left ring finger was believed to connect directly to the heart, the symbol of love.

But through history the wedding ring has been worn on different fingers and hands. Traditions have varied by time, locale, culture and religion.

Today, the left ring finger is where the wedding ring is worn in most western cultures.

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